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Thank you so much for your patience and sharing your knowledge.

Barbra Nash & Ray Eirez  2nd July 2012

Dear Rob & Sylvia,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to scuba dive & learn everything I needed to to be certified.  I had a blast in the entire process & am grateful to have done it with you.  You both have enormous patience & passion for what you do.  I have been recommending Lauderdale Diver as the place to go!  Thank you again for this life changing opportunity!

Melissa  28th May 2012

P.S.  I went diving with my boyfriend this past weekend in Pompano!


Thank you so much for such a great scuba certification experience. Not only did I get my Open Water certification, but, thanks to you,  I overcame my FEARS. I am looking forward to working with you on my Advanced Certification and Photography, etc for my son. Thanks again! 

Judy   6th October 2011

Hey Rob,

If any parent is hesitant about the prospect of allowing their kids to go scuba diving, I highly recommend Rob!  First and foremost, he was extremely conscientious about safety, and he gave my boys a thorough education before they hit the water.  He clearly loves what he does, and he's expert at it.  To make the experience all the better, he clearly enjoys kids.  He was kind and patient at all times.  This made my boys feel comfortable with him, and it helped maximize the fun and excitement of the experience.  They will never forget it. 

Thank you, Rob, for your expertise and patience and for making the experience a blast.  It was the highlight of our vacation. 

Well worth it!   Marlene Smetana  21st July 2011

Hi Rob

The three of us would like to again say Thank You for everything you did for us on our trip to Ft. Lauderdale and our first dive experience.  We truly enjoyed your company.  You are professional, methodical yet relaxed and moreover, tolerant & patient.  

You made our experience one to remember.

Thank You

Al, Mary, Mariesa and Christopher Burdi  27th June 2011

Hey Rob,

You were an outstanding instructor thanks for everything I truly believe I am ready to handle situations that may arise while diving and I will defiantly use you for any further training (I already have some in mind like advance, nitrox, and wreck) and will refer you to anyone interested in diving!

Daniel October 17th 2010



I wanted say thanks for the classes.  It was amazing !! I can’t wait to go out the next time.  I think I’m going to try and go on Saturday.



Jason  October 12th 2010



Thank you very much for your patience and being the best teacher.


Thanks for the great photos, the both of you are an excellent couple and the best team.


Sara Herrera & Kent Cassel  April 2010

Hey mate,


Love the pictures, Thank you so much for all the help, patience, encouragement, and trust you put in over the time of the course. I have never done a dive course before, but hands down, your course is the best way to get in to diving. You do a great job mate thank you. Not to forget your partner in crime, thank you Sylvia you two make a great team and you both are great at what you do, and the tomato soup and croissants are not bad either. 


Thanks for everything Colby Shannon 


Rob & Renae

Kate & Colby

You were there for all of us the entire time and not once did we feel unsure, uncomfortable or under pressure to perform any task that was asked of us. You truly have a gift in the way you can calm and interact with students and I only hope our paths will one day meet again.


From the bottom of my heart thank you.


Your favourite group of Aussies,


Kate and Colby  May 17th 2010

Hey Rob and Sylvia,


I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you both did to enable Colby and I to complete our Open Water Diving Certification. I must admit I used to think scuba diving was going to be the scariest sport i'd ever participate in. It has for many years been my greatest fear to be confined in such an open area of water. I never thought it would be a course that i would be able to participate in or pass. But because of your patience, skill and understanding you changed this fear into a pleasant reality for me and have forever changed my life. It absolutely amazed me how beautiful and calm it really is at the depths we ventured to and i will be forever grateful i was fortunate enough to have you as my instructor on my first few dives. 

"We have used several diving instructors for our training and certifications, and Rob Davis is by far the best we've seen.  Don't be fooled into thinking that all dive instruction is equal - it is not !  With some of our prior instruction we've seen unprofessional behavior, poor communication, and even illegal activity.  You won't go wrong with Rob Davis - he stresses safety, explains everything so that students can understand clearly, and makes it all very enjoyable.

Joseph & Taylor Evans July 20th 2008

HI Sylvia and Rob,

I just wanted to thank you again for the great fun I had last weekend.

The advanced course was very informative and entertaining and at the same token relaxing. You guys made me feel very secure and safe during the dives that I can not wait to go diving again and use the tools I learned in the advanced class. You both were so great and I am so grateful that I found you as my scuba instructors and FRIENDS.

Assi G July 22nd 2008

Rob and Sylvia are great scuba diving instructors. Not only they are very patient and knowledgeable, they are also great people and a lot of fun!! Whether you are looking to get introduced into diving or to advance your scuba skills, Rob's experience will help you get there. I've recommended Rob to friends and family, my younger sister just got her open water certification while I got my Advanced and we truly enjoyed the experience."

Ana Sanchez  July 27th 2008

Hey Rob!



Thanks again for our courses as we both enjoyed them very much. See you soon,


Sara and Paul July 28th 2008


Just email your testimonial to me and I will add it the web site!



Of the 10 PADI certification classes I have taken you are the best instructor I have had, period. Your calm and patient nature combined with your thorough approach, that progresses at the students' pace, makes learning easy and enjoyable. It is no coincidence that only 4 questions were missed on our final exams by 5 students (Yes, one was mine. Sorry). If someone wants to learn to dive or advance their diving knowledge, they are likely to experience what I did when they choose to learn from you; confidence that they have learned the material in a relaxed atmosphere.



Jim Hutslar  Project Manager Neptune Memorial Reef  August 1st 2008


I didn't get to thank you on sunday for a fantastic time (even the sea-sickness ;) You were an incredible instructor.  Marlon and I can't stop talking about it. I think from now on we will plan all of our weekends and vacations around dive sites!


see you soon...i hope.

Jess Oswald  August 6th 2008


Thanks so much for the great diving experiences.  Ashley and I learned a tremendous amount from you as an instructor.  Plus we had a great time.  We will certainly be in touch when we visit Florida again.

Take care.

Mike & Ashley Marcum August 11th 2008

          Ashley  with  Rob



I've gotta say I'm glad you are my open water certifying instructor. During the class you were so patient and relaxed I couldn't help but calm down myself...even when we were swimming through nearly zero visibility! You always took the time to explain the process to me, and went above and beyond the ordinary to make sure I was comfortable in the water and (better yet) having fun! Thanks a million for everything, Rob, and I'm sure we will be seeing each other again...after all, Open Water certification is just the beginning :)


Best wishes,

Andrea Villarraga   August 18th 2008

Andrea’s first dive


Dear Rob,

Thanks for being the best teacher ever!!   

You make learning scuba fun.  

Thanks again for everything.


Jen Hazen  November 11th 2008

Left to right:

Jennie, Brian,Maggie, Adam and Rob

Thank you for the class pictures Brian!

Hi Rob!

I could not have asked for a better instructor. You have a great teaching style and your encouragement kept me moving along when I had my doubts. I look forward to achieving more PADI certifications under your tutorage.

Cheers Mate!


Brian Seidler  December 10th 2008

Hi there!!

I have already forwarded the web link to EVERYONE i know! We feel very special having our mugs on the world wide web.

Thanks again to you and Sylvia. We had a great time, and also a challenging time.

We will drop by the shop soon to say hi.


Jo and Tim December 17th 2008

Hello Rob,

I just wanted to send you a note to express my appreciation for your outstanding instruction in the open water certification dives in December.

I really enjoyed the dives and I must say that I was I very impressed by your knowledge and professionalism and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. You were methodical, patient and ensured that I was comfortable at each step of the way.

Thanks for a great diving experience!

Be well and take care,

Jonathan Singerman December 30th 2008

Dear Rob: 

It was good meeting up with you on Friday, and many thanks for helping me get in my final (deep) dive towards my PADI Advanced Open Water Certification. "The Houseboat" was an excellent choice for a deep water dive.  

I enjoyed meeting you and was pleasantly surprised at how good the diving was right off Fort Lauderdale. I will certainly let you know next time I come into town so we can do it all again!


Best regards,

Barry Rabinowitz February 20th 2009

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the great refresher course last week.  I look forward to more dives.  One question.  

“Do you have anything online that covers some of the bits we covered, such as how to check the equipment I am renting is good?”

Thanks again,

Victor Guss  April 20th 2009

                                 Hi Victor, There is now check out my blog page, Happy Bubbles.....Rob

Hi Rob,


I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful course.  You were patient and professional but with lots of humour sprinkled in.  It made everything seem easier and the less fun bits speed by.



Elma van der Ryst   April 30th 2009

Hey Rob,


Thanks again for such an awesome experience!  You and Sylvia are so knowledgeable and patient.  Thanks for working with us and helping us fulfill our goal of becoming divers!  We feel confident to dive with the instruction you gave us.  Looking forward to doing some dives in the future!


Bulent and Tonya   May 3rd 2009

Bulent, Tonya & Trish

Open Water Dive 3

Hi Rob!!   Thank you so much for my refresher course this past weekend, You and Sylvia were fantastic teachers. The dives were great!!   Had the best time.

Trish   May 4th 2009

Hey there, it's Heather--the girl who lost one of your wife's FAVORITE fins!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your patience and knowledge this past weekend!  You are an amazing instructor, Lauderdale is lucky to have you. 

Heather Henke June 7th 2009

I found the fin two days later..... lucky or what!!!

Heather Henke

Mr. Rob,

          We are back home and we appreciate your e-mail.  Thanks again for being such a great instructor and good friend.  We always marvel at how much we learn from you and how much fun you make it for  US......remember we've  seen the other end of the instructor spectrum and we're really thankful that we learn from you now.  You are quite welcome for the wine/card/tip.....we hoped it would be suitable/enjoyable, and thanks again for the disk you left at the shop for us.  We got the Deep Diver and Nitrox study materials from the shop and we'll be studying those for next time.

Joe and Taylor Evans  July 21st 2009

Joe, Taylor & Rob

Hi Rob!

I just wanted to let you know that I had such a fantastic time with you and Sylvia this week, you two are superb teachers, so patient and friendly! Thank you so much for helping me get into this awesome sport!

Thanks again,

Margo Rafelson  July 22nd 2009

Hello every body,

I just took Robs open water diver course and I have to say he is a great teacher and has plenty of patience thanks Rob & Sylvia. Well I am ready to dive any time just need a buddy to dive with if any body wants to dive with a beginner I am ready any time.

Thanks again Rob & Sylvia

Louis Indelicato  January 17th 2010



Just wanted to thank you guys again for a great Rescue Diver course, really a good experience for me and you will see me again for sure in the next years!!!

Will try to see of I can start a divemaster in Florida and maybe finish it in Canada?

Take care and have a great time/dive in Indonesia!!!

Stéphanie Malherbe March 15th 2010

Dear Rob,

We can not thank you enough for providing us with the BEST scuba experience we could ever get!! This was a whole new experience for us and we know it would not have been so amazing if it had not been for you!  You are a great instructor, you made us feel really safe and confident and put loads of smiles on our faces.  The wreck dive put me into a panic, but having you at the surface with me and helping me down helped and made me achieve my goal.  Thank you for being so thoughtful, patient and helpful.  The weekend went so quickly and we had such a laugh doing it with you.  I hope we can do more courses in the future with you!  You have opened our eyes up to a whole other world.  Congratulations on your award this year - you thoroughly deserved it!!! Thank you soooo sooo much Rob (and Sylvia of course)!  We hope we can scuba again together!

Renae and Rob Mason  May 17th 2010


I wanted to send this message earlier but haven’t gotten around.

Besides the crazy weather and our schedule to get the course done in a week our first experience diving was quite memorable.  When Mathilde and I recount our experience to friends and family there is always one point we seem to stress – our instructor was the single biggest reason why we were successful and the course was enjoyable.

We are so glad that we took the private course (and had you all to ourselves) and we would like further certs. to be done under your guidance.  We are planning trips to Ft. Lauderdale before the end of the year, will call before hand to let you know.


Thanks again,


Matt & Mathilde  30th July 2012


Thanks for being so patent, being a great instructor and making it fun!

Happy diving

Sherron (the Ears) & sometimes blonde

Kym (the true blond)

Melissa (the sassy one)      20th August 2012



I have to say that this weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a while.  I enjoyed your class tremendously you are a Scholar and a Gentleman.  Your teaching skills and how you teach the class are exceptional.  I love how to tie everything together and make it fun to learn yet gave me a great understanding of diving which I will remember for the rest of my dives.


You made me feel safe and I thank you for your patience and your knowledge.

Looking forward to using my new skills in Jamaica.

Hope to see you diving soon


Gratefully Yours,

Maureen Wallace  22nd October 2012




You guys are the best. Can't wait for pics.

International Best Selling Author

Patricia Cornwell

Hey Rob,

My name is Heather, I dove with you a few times around 2009 through Lauderdale Diver (not sure if you're still there). You called me 'fin girl' because you let me use your wife's fins  on one of our dives and I somehow managed to lose one- and you somehow managed to find it a few days later! Not sure if you remember:)  

Anyway I'm thinking about you as I'm reviewing a GoPro video of my new husband and I diving the Kittiwake in GC. Since diving with you I have been to Islamorada, Abaco, Belize, and now GC. Just wanted to let you know that your instruction, knowledge and PATIENCE back in 2009 is what helped me get over my apprehension enough to start to love diving.  I wanted to thank you, hope you are doing well!

Heather  Henke                   27th November 2014

Hi Heather,       How could I forget you???

I'm still teaching at Lauderdale Diver and enjoying every minute of it.

I'm pleased to hear you and your husband are really into diving, we have found our holiday destinations are dictated by where we want dive.

It's always good to hear from students who are enjoying my world.

Hope to see you and husband diving in Florida sometime!

Best wishes


Mark Jungk

Right from the start, the customer service at Lauderdale Diver was outstanding. I wanted to complete 4 referral dives, but I had an unusual time schedule, arriving on a cruise ship mid morning on a Sunday, and having to leave on Tuesday. Right from the start, the customer service at Lauderdale Diver was outstanding. I wanted to complete 4 referral dives, but I had an unusual time schedule, arriving on a cruise ship mid morning on a Sunday, and having to leave on Tuesday. I contacted several dive shops, and Lauderdale Diver was the only one that seemed glad to accommodate, and didn't make it sound like an imposition. That, plus the fact they have the best reviews, and my decision was made. I arrived February 1st, but unfortunately the boats for the day had been canceled due to high winds/waves. Rob and his wife, Sylvia bent over backwards to find a place to do a shore dive that would be suitable. By the time I met them for my noon appointment, they had already driven at least an hour and a half round trip to find an intercoastal area that would work. Rob said that if I wanted to adjust my schedule to fly home a day later, he would be happy to wait a day so I could get boat dives for all 4 dives, doing them on Monday and Tuesday instead, whichever I preferred. I was unable to do that, however, so we drove out to the intercoastal area to get my 1st 2 dives on Sunday afternoon. I got a great tour of the city from Rob and his wife as well! On Monday, the weather was better, and we got the 2 boat dives in, and I earned my open water certification. Rob was a great instructor. Not being a real strong swimmer, I wasn't sure if I could really feel confident with diving, but I do now. My wife and I are going to try to arrange it so she can get her certification with Rob next year. New equipment, great staff, great instructor!

THANK YOU!!!!! It couldn't have been a better experience.  You are the best Rob! Thanks for being patient and helping me to gain more confidence and overcome situation underwater (like freaking out because there was water in my regulator). I was an unbelievable experience. Coral spawning, lobsters, lion fish, sea urchin, huge blue Parrot fish and a SHARK!!!! To name a few. I will definitely be in touch to get some more dives in the area. And hopefully get help to start getting my own gear :)

All the best for you and Sylvia!

See you soon



Leah Polhemus,

Thank you so much for your awsome instruction in my PADI OWD course!  You were top-notch as you know, there were certain fears I had to conquer.  Through it ALL you remained patient and professional & eventually, I nailed it!

as far as I can tell, you are the best instructor out there!  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for pushing me from start to finish!

You're the best!