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Divers enjoy using unerwater propusion vehicles (DPV)

they can explore a significantly larger area during a single dive with much less effort and their dives are longer as they use less air.

In addition, for divers with limited mobility, using a DPV may be the difference between being able to enjoy diving and not being able to dive.

Students are required to purchase the PADI Underwater Propulsion Vehicle manual, and complete the knowledge reviews which are discussed as part of the course.

There is large number of underwater propulsion vehicles in the market, students are required to have their own vehicle for the course which is oriented to their vehicle requirements and characteristics to maximise student benefits from taking the course.

A pool class is recommended particularly if this is a new activity for the student.  This provides a valuble learning experience in terms of setting up the unit water entry, buoyancy, using and manouvering the vehicle and battery life.

Dive One.

Students use their pool experience to prepare their vehicle and practice operating

of a DPV by demonstrating an effective water entry, making a proper controlled descent, maneuvering underwater, and by making a controlled ascent and exiting with their DPV in a controlled organized manner.

Dive Two.

Student divers independently plan and execute a dive using a DPV according to a discussed dive plan within safe operating guidelines.

They apply their knowledge learned from the course to operate a DPV while riding in tandem with a buddy exhibiting both piloting (and passenger skill, where appropriote.)

A dive turn round time should be agreed based unpon, air time, battery life, or bottom time limits.

The dives should not exceed the no decompression limits of the Recreational Dive Planner or each diver’s computer, if used.

Students are required to be certified divers with a minimum of four open water dives and at least 12 years of age.

The DPV certification can be credited towards the mast scuba diver rating.


The course price for a group class is $180.00 for 2 or more students or $280.00 for a Private class.

These prices include a boat trip for the two open water dives.

There is an additional fee of $170.00 for a pool lesson.