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The RESCUE DIVER qualification is all about becoming a more rounded diver who is more aware the signs and symptoms of stress in other divers.  How to combat stressful situations and help other divers if they are in difficulty

Required age/certification level

Minimum age: 12 years old and must have completed the Open water Course and three adventure dives, one of these must be the navigation dive or have proof of equivalent certification by another training agency, with documented underwater navigation experience and a current Emergency First Response, (E.F.R.) certification.

Divers under the of 15 may obtain the Padi Junior Rescue Diver certification.  Junior certification requires the individual to dive with an adult.

The program is conducted via independent study, a class presentation/video, an exam and in confined/open water training exercises/scenarios.

Course Overview

The independent study is supported via knowledge reviews which are reviewed by the instructor.

Participants must score 75% or higher in the exam

Training exercises are carried out in a confined water environment.

Rescue scenarios are conducted in open water and are tailored according to class size and conditions.

Course Duration

Estimated Course Hours: 36 hours

Equipment Required

Each diver must have a snorkel, mask, fins, weight belt, scuba cylinder, buoyancy control device with low-pressure inflator, a regulator, a secondary air source, a submersible pressure gauge, a dive knife, a compass and a pocket mask.

Padi Rescue Diver Manual & a Diving Accident Work Slate.

Prices    ( Excluding equipment rental.)

2+People = $370.00 each   Private = $470.00

Where can you go from here?

The Rescue Diver certification is the keystone to your diving future.  it is at this point most people decide if they want to progress along the Master Scuba Diver, or the Divemaster/Instructor route. Many people actually do both simultaneously. On achieving Rescue Diver you are a much more aware diver that is able to recognize potentially hazardous situations and provide support for fellow divers if required.