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The DIVEMASTER qualification is THE FIRST LEVEL OF PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION FROM PADI.  This qualification marks a turning point in your diving career.  To achieve this qualification requires a commitment to succeed and diving ability equal to that of a qualified instructor.

Required age/certification level

Minimum age:  18 years old and must have Rescue Diver or proof of equivalent certification by another training agency, and current E.F.R. (Emergency First Response) or equivalent certification, 60 logged dives and medical declaration of fitness to dive from a physician.

The program is conducted via an agreed schedule or as an internship in co-operation with  the instructor/dive store, each includes educational development, dive skill assessments, and training awareness development.

Course Overview

The independent study is supported by the instructor assessing knowledge reviews, class work and subject exams. You must score 75% or higher in all of the exams.

Stamina swimming/snorkeling tests.

Training development to ensure dive skills are to demonstration standard.

Then you must complete an underwater mapping project and an equipment exchange while buddy breathing from a single regulator.

Course Duration

This can vary from 2/3 weekends to several months dependent on the type of course and the agreed schedule.

Equipment Required

Each diver must have a complete set of dive equipment including: a snorkel, mask, fins, weight belt, scuba cylinder, buoyancy control device with low-pressure inflator, a regulator, a secondary air source, a submersible pressure gauge, a dive knife, a compass , a slate, a whistle and a pocket mask.

PADI Divemaster Manual

RDP – all three versions (The Wheel, The RDP table and eRDP including associated Instructions for Use booklets)

The Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving

Diving Knowledge Workbook

Divemaster Slates

Instructor Guides for programs

PADI Divemasters may conduct:

     a. Discover Scuba Diving

     b. Discover Snorkelling and Skin Diver Course

     c. Scuba Review/Discover Local Diving

Where can you go from here?

Divemaster is a professional qualification which enables you to assist instructors running courses and secure employment in the dive industry.  The next step is Assistant Instructor and or Open Water Instructor.